Carl Anderson –Film Director/Designer
    Carl Anderson is the director and visual effects supervisor of Eyerz Motion Graphics Design, began his career as a camera operator in the U.S Navy.
 Working in aspects revolved around motion picture production, Anderson filmed documentaries in Europe, Africa and then Middle East .
With the intention of working in broadcast television after the Navy, Anderson joined the staff at Potomac Communications in Washington , DC . There he took on an array of tasks, ranging from meeting deadlines to editing segments.
 With the new insight that he had for his profession, Anderson decided to work independently with animation and motion graphic design as the digital revolution began to change to the video post industry.
Thus Anderson formed GFX, a house graphing shop at Girard Video in Washington . He later joined the staff of Girard and produced animated graphic packages for clients such as Fox Television and The American Architectural Foundation.
With Carl Anderson’s broad experience, he has brought a lifetime of knowledge, skill and instinct to every project he works on. “I’m here for one reason, he states, and that is to help you move your audience”.